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Crow safe Wei Iram may be reimbursed

According to the “Baltimo Sun Daily” report, Baltimo crow 2013 first-round show, safety Swan Matt Elam may be reimbursed during the training of Sunday’s training.

“I still don’t know the results of the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, but I am really not optimistic now,” the crow coach John Hubble (John Harbaugh). “I still don’t know the final conclusion, but I feel that it is not very optimistic with the doctors. He is going to intercept the ball, the ball runs to him, then some wants to block him, so I caught him.”

Iram made poor in his first two seasons, got special attention from General Manager Oxi Newsome, cheap nfl jerseys from china and the latter hopes that Iram can play their own potential. Because of the bad leading level and the mistakes that are missing, he is less than 500 files last season. The professional football focused network called one of the seven security guards in the last season.

The universal players who have been selected in the universities of the universities have unwritten talents and cheap nfl jerseys online abilities. Unfortunately, it seems to wait for a season to return and try again.

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