How to Get Rid of Electronic Waste Quickly and Safely

The electronic scrap consists of several hazardous chemicals like lead, cadmium, and beryllium or brominated flame retardants etc. Moreover, the rising demand for techno-tools in third world countries is pushing more and more waste into the system. In developing countries, a large part of the population is either unaware or ignorant about e waste being fraught with grave risks. These media will not just help you access and share the information easily but will also push down waste generation.

These poisonous chemicals are also present in leftover electronic components and even in CPUs, readily discarded to garbage bins on a large scale.

Also, we are quite familiar with the term, End of Life abbreviated as “EOL”.

Generally, electronic waste is generated when tools and devices are discarded once their useful life is reached.

The idea is to attain the demand and supply balance in the e-market.

Less consumption will automatically reduce bulk production.

Organise: The complete process of e waste management is all about being organised.

Storage devices like flash drives or data sticks etc. These metals can be further used as input in several other industries.

Promote Recycling: We all are quite familiar with the benefits of recycling goods.

However, my-phone recycling carrion offers dual benefit.

To reap huge profits from e waste management, we must cut down excessive demand for goods and services in the first place.

Revise and Reuse: Remember the old saying, “Charity begins at home”?

Likewise doing our bit for the environment shall certainly make the world a better place to live in.

By adopting above listed measures we can keep the adverse effects of electronic junk at bay.

Thereupon, we can live longer, healthier and happier. As a result, the issue is playing havoc with lives. This will not just eliminate e-trash effectively but will also rejuvenate the environment.

Now, let us find out the points to be considered for a quicker and safe disposal of electronic wastes:-

Proper Disposal is the Key to E Waste Management

Owing to the hazardous nature of electronic waste, need of the hour is to tackle it properly and pave for safe disposal.

More importantly, handling e wastes may involve significant health risks to workers and members of the community involved.

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Donating or refurbishing old electronic gadgets is a rare, yet a great practice to get rid of the e-trash successfully. Interestingly, e waste is generated in bulk especially by the developing countries.

Reduce Consumption: When it comes to electronics, less is always more.

Instead relying on storage mediums like drop box, Google-drive or i-cloud is worthwhile. The magnifying electronic litter is slowly but surely engulfing the whole world. Let us think ahead to stay ahead. She is currently associated with a domestic NGO that educates the youth about and after-effects of radiation. For instance, refurbishing or giving away expensive phones is pretty wise than buying the latest version of it, every year.

Evidently, electronic debris shall be reduced to reusable forms and recycled.

The Cause and Effect Analysis

Technically, the term e wastes, refers to discarded electronic devices or their parts. Quality tools and devices must be preferred over frequently picking cheaper products with lower EOLs. are quite unreliable as they can end up crashing. This will not just address the accumulated electronic junk, but will also prevent pollution to a great extent.

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Equally alarming is the fact that chunks of e waste are transported across boundaries, even without confirming to the Basel Convention ratified by 188 nations.

Although the developing countries are opting for informal processing yet scientists and researchers worldwide are striving to do away with large scale e wastes, through proper channel.

Technical advancement, extensive electronic development and environment, are all interrelated.

A simple analogy that states “prevention is better than cure”, is the best remedy for e wastes.

Spread the word: Awareness and precaution are last but surely not the least resort to e-litter handling and management.

These involve planning ahead and chalking out ways to properly dispose electronic scrap.

Electronics can be recycled and converted into usable metals.

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