Clubhouse closes new round of funding that would value app at $4…

(Reporting by Ankit Ajmera in Bengaluru; Editing by Shailesh Kuber)

Messaging app Telegram recently added more features for voice chats and vivaldiaudio removed their size limits. Slack Technologies Inc is also experimenting with social audio features.

Spotify Inc said this week it had bought the company behind voice sports app Locker Room.

Collaborative research led by geologists at Trinity College Dublin has found strong evidence that one of the largest preserved impact structures on Earth was caused by a comet colliding with our planet over 1.8 billion years ago.

“Follow Citron Research on Clubhouse. March 24 (Reuters) – Citron Research, run by short-seller Andrew Left, plans to discuss investment opportunities for 2021 on audio-based social network Clubhouse on Thursday, the firm said on its Twitter handle.

In a recently published study in the international journal Terra Nova, the Trinity-led geologists explain the rationale behind their assertion that the Sudbury Basin in Ontario, Canada, was caused by a comet – and not a meteorite.

The success of the invite-only, year-old platform, which recently reported 10 million weekly active users, has demonstrated the potential of audio chat services, particularly as people stay inside homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The platform, which says it has more than 140 million monthly active users, is in discussions to be sold to Microsoft Inc for an estimated $10 billion, sources have told Reuters.

Discord and Microsoft declined to comment.

By conducting geochemical analyses of the siderophile (iron-loving) elements found in and around the crater fill – and by modelling the impact with computer software – the geologists showed that whatever crashed to Earth was almost completely vaporised on entry.

Tomorrow we will start a room and will discuss…new most compelling asymmetrical invest opps of 2021,” Citron Research tweeted.

website Citron’s discussion will also include the current state of activist short-selling and vivaldiaudio ( updates on past recommendations, vivaldiaudio the firm said.

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